Elevators, transport conveyors

Our company offers the most suitable material handling equipment for customer needs, taking into the mechanical and chemical properties of the material for the transport and transmission of different grades and quantities of raw materials.

Ribbed belt conveyor: Typically used for transporting granular goods and granules. The advantage of the applicator is its flexible applicability, high application deegre, easy way to clean.

Screw conveyor: Typically used for homogeneous products, powders. The advantage of the screw conveyor is the high transportation performance and that is a closed system.

Bucket conveyor: Used for fragile, bulky product delivery. The trays/buckets can be made of industrial plastic or stainless steel. The application benefits is the full vertical working, the high transport performance and the low space requirements.

Vibrating conveyor: It is typically used to move homogeneous products, which is achieved by vibration of the tray. Traffic performance may vary depending on the cross section of the track and the frequency of vibrating.

In accordance with individual requirements, we design and produce a many of types, sizes and designs of conveyors and conveyor systems for our partners for the optimal and efficient solution.

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