SOMAPAK Ltd. was founded in 1986 as a Hungarian-Italian joint venture company. Since 1995, the company has been in 100% Hungarian ownership. The company is specialized in manufacturing machines of packaging technology such as filling-, capping-, labeling etc. machines and production lines. Our profile also contains bagging and sachet machines, weighing and dosing systems, elevators and conveyors as well as special purpose machines upon our customers’ needs.
We also offer several types of blenders and mixers for powders, granulates and liquids.

The company’s profile and fields of activities are expanding year after year according to market demands.
As another field of activity in manufacturing, the company has CNC manufacturing technology:

  • CNC production: milling, turning, sheet-metal technology (shearing, bending), plasma- and flame cutting.
  • Fiber laser cutting technology.
  • Sheet metal laser cutting and tube laser cutting technology.

The engineers of our development department are working with 3D CAD/CAM softwares, the complete production is made by our own workshops such as machining, sheet-metal technology, welding, assembling, testing etc. All after-sale services are provided by our company.

Our machines and equipments can be found in many countries of the world with a wide range of applications, typically used in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, spirits, electronics, automotive and construction sectors.
Some of the countries: Germany, Denmark, Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Albania, Lithuania, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Nigeria, Mexico.

Fields of activities:

Packaging machines:

Labeling machines:

  • Labeling machines for cold glued labels
  • Labeling machines for self-adhesives labels
  • Special labeling machines

Bagging, dosing machines and equipments for:

  • Powders, granulates and liquids in sachets
  • Powders, granulates and liquids in bags
  • Powders, granulates and liquids in boxes
  • Dosing equipments

Filling and capping machines for:

  • Still and carbonated liquids

Complete production lines

Special purpose machines, production lines

Blenders and mixers

CNC manufacturing technology

Fiber laser cutting technology

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