Bag forming-filling-sealing for powders, granulates, liquids

Vertically constructed form, fill and sealing machines of SOMAPAK make bags from pre-printed or blank rolled foil (PP, PE, BOPP, TRIPLEX, thermoplastic materials) what is done by pulling of foil through a forming shoulder. Longitudinal and transversal sealing of bag is welded by permanently or impulse heated chucks, foil pulling is done by special rubber belts. Machine is controlled by PLC, what makes a complete system with the dosing equipment.

Control is done by PLC, total operation of machine can be set and adjusted through a touch-screen panel (HMI) by menu. Production based and other machine adjustments (receipts) can be easily edited, saved, loaded by a menu structure.

Transport conveyor of ready bags, marking/printing of bags can be added on demand.

Any SOMAPAK made dosing device (weigher, auger filler, cup filler, piston foller, vibrating bowl, etc.) can be connected to sachet machines in range of products. Capacity of machines is depending on the number of filling lanes.

Bag formats:

  • Pillow bag
  • Flat bottom, Gusseted bag
  • Stick pack

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